Friday, September 12, 2008

Scott Pilgrim

Photoshop CS3 @ 400 dpi

Tribute to Bryan O'Malley's wonderful comic.

Being a young adult, reading Scott Pilgrim was one of the catalysts that changed my life forever. In a way it made me mature a little, and it continues to serve as an inspiration to me everytime I re-read the books.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Filia Underneath Bridge = Wendy Pinup = Character Doodle

Photoshop CS3 @ 150 dpi


SkullgirlS Promotional Illustration. The process image isn't complete since I added rim lighting to the final image.

Photoshop CS3 @ 120 dpi

Another pin-up featuring Wendy. She was originally going to be an NPC on the initial demo build but it never came into fruition. We're currently undecided if she'll be making future appearances.

Photoshop CS3 @ 120 dpi

Umbrella, Parasoul and Filia/Samson doodle.

Pharoah Man Redesign

Photoshop CS3 @ 72 dpi

A fellow artist started a Megaman Robot Master meme and here's my contribution featuring the Egyptian-themed Robot Master from Mega Man 4.